Reinsurance is an industry that is truly global in nature. The Indian reinsurance market, which was thrown open to the foreign companies recently, is set to witness intense competition with more players, which currently is dominated by a sole Public sector company — General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC Re). The presence of overseas players in India would generate economic benefits for industries beyond the insurance sector, help create skilled jobs and enable the dissemination of technical, managerial knowledge and expertise to the wider Indian insurance industry. More than that, the reinsurers will be able to play a fundamental role in developing India into a significant regional and international economic hub.

S.No Modules to be completed Subjects
  • Principles and practices of insurance
  • Legal and regulatory aspects of insurance
  • Insurance brokers regulations
  • Risk management
  • Reinsurance advanced
  • Types of reinsurance contracts
  • Methods of reinsurance contracts
  • Role of broker in reinsurance market
  • Reinsurance retention decision
  • Excess of loss rating
  • Common reinsurance clauses
  • Major categories of reinsurance
  • Alternative risk transfer (art)
  • Reinsurance accounting and management

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