Direct Non-Life

The general insurance industry has been growing at around 16 per cent every year since 2006-2007, in India but it is still an un-bloomed market with a penetration level as low as 0.70%. But with more players coming to the field and composite cap in the sector being increased up to 49 p.c, penetration level is expected to quadruple in size over the next 10 years. In order to achieve this, business generation through multiple distribution channels is the main agenda for all the companies, of which the Broker’s occupies the most important position. To become a non-life Broker one requires great skill and sound technical know-how of vast and diverse subjects from property, liability, motor, marine, crop and health to upcoming streams like cyber risks and security.

S.No Modules to be completed Subjects
  • Principles and practices of insurance
  • Legal and regulatory aspects of insurance
  • Insurance brokers regulations
  • Risk management
  • Fire and engineering insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Health insurance and personal accident
  • Miscellaneous insurance (other than motor, health, liability, property insurance)
  • Liability insurance

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