Direct Life and General

The advantages of being a Combined Broker viz. an intermediary for facilitating life and non- life policies are many, especially the demarcating line between life and non-life business is no longer sacrosanct nowadays with a lot of overlapping takes place among them. The convenience of having the licence for both will help them approach as many players as possible to support their clientele. Bespoke products are the in thing today, for majority of the customers want the policies designed to suit their specific requirements rather than compromising for the standard ones readily available in the market. A combined broker has the ease of dealing with life and non-life companies in a market like India where the insurance awareness even among educated public is a lot to be desired.

S.No Modules to be completed Subjects
  • Principles and practices of insurance
  • Legal and regulatory aspects of insurance
  • Insurance brokers regulations
  • Risk management
  • Life insurance
  • Financial need analysis and selection of appropriate policy
  • New product guidelines including customer protection
  • Product comparison analysis of various life insurance companies
  • Underwriting aspects of life insurance
  • Policy servicing and claims
  • Group insurance
  • Social and rural insurance
  • Fire and engineering insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Health insurance and personal accident
  • Miscellaneous insurance (other than motor, health, liability, property insurance)
  • Liability insurance

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